Employer PR

The risen popularity of online employer rating platforms has helped to further illustrate the well-known fact that when it comes to your qualities as an employer the prerogative of interpretation lies with third parties. In public perception it is more important what others say or write about your company than what you assert yourself.

Yet only a few companies apply a distinct PR strategy to position themselves as “employer of choice”. But if you are not afraid of using channels like appointments section editorials, career magazines and target group platforms for your personnel marketing now, you can profit twice – from high credibility and from consistent presence with the target group. We offer:

  • creating accurate texts for your HR public relations (press releases, advertorials, portraits, company profiles, welcoming speeches, lectures)
  • topical counseling and communication consulting to identify appropriate hooks for your HR reporting
  • compiling personnel-specific media mailing lists and establishing press contacts
  • developing comprehensive HR communication concepts

Thanks to our perennial experience in human resources we are on the same page with candidates from every field and are familiar with the journalists’ lingo. Therefore, our experienced PR professionals do not only write excellent texts, they are also extraordinary at helping you to give a perfect impression as employer.